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The iENCON program is in the process of being transitioned to the Fleet. Please check back for further updates. Questions can be directed to the respective LANTFLT and PACFLT contacts.

VADM Philip H. Cullom photo

The Great Green Fleet deployed in 2016. Read more about the Department of Navy year long initiative to demonstrate the sea service's efforts to transform its energy use.

iENCON Top 5 Energy Saving Ships

iENCON Top 25 Energy Saving Ships
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Presidential Award
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iENCON is a presidential award program!
The Navy's Shipboard Energy Conservation Team (ENCON) is the winner of a prestigious Presidential Award.
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iENCON In Brief
The objective of U.S. Navy shipboard energy conservation is to make ships more fuel efficient. Increased fuel efficiency helps stretch the fuel budget dollars as far as possible and also makes our ships more environmentally friendly. Click here for more info!

Energy Training


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