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The workshop provides a hands-on training on the shipboard fuel management. It provides ships with capability of developing and updating, fuel consumption curves, provides optimum ship transit fuel curves. Also, it teaches you how to estimate, with a stroke of two key punch, how to estimate transit fuel requirements and cost for a predetermined range, or what would be fuel amount and cost for each plant alignment, what would be best alignment and speed that would yield lowest possible fuel usage. All chiefs engineers, MPAs, Sr. Engineering Chiefs, oil kings, can benefit from this workshop.


The following items are required to conduct a successful workshop:

  • Latop computer, CD-ROM port, Extension Cord (to be provided by attendee)
  • SECAT CD-ROM (to be provided by instructor)


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Ship Energy Conservation Assistance Training (SECAT) software & Optimum Ship Transit Planning Module (OSTPM) software Installation & Quick Start Syllabus


SECAT & OSTPM software were developed by NAVSEA to assist all fossil fueled U.S. Navy surface ships to reduce fuel consumption, in support of the Incentivized Energy Conservation Program (ENCON). SECAT enables ships to utilize many proven energy conservation strategies, and encourages ship self-monitoring and fuel consumption reduction efforts, through the generation of fuel consumption curves. OSTPM utilizes data from SECAT to help ships determine the most fuel-efficient transit speed/time for a given distance. Supportive literature contained within SECAT, in an electronic format, is the SHIPBOARD ENERGY CONSERVATION GUIDE. This guide has many fuel conservation techniques and recommendations, which should be utilized in conjunction with the fuel consumption curves developed by SECAT, to reduce fuel consumption.


The self-executing version of SECAT and OSTPM has been replaced with an EXCEL template version entitled SECAT and OSTP. To get the new SECAT software and instructions, click below.

SECAT and OSTP: Excel Version

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